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S275 cable anti-theft monitoring
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Monitoring power cable theft and cable failure is a critical issue for power companies. In order to prevent the power system from being paralyzed due to cable failure, the power company needs to receive alarm information when the cable is stolen or faulty.
S275 cable anti-theft monitoring

The theft of power cables has always been a headache for power companies and substations. It is impossible to monitor cable theft and cable failures in real time, which is a major economic loss for power companies. Install the King Pigeon equipment on the cable to be monitored. When the cable is stolen, the current will be reduced to zero. The equipment will immediately alarm and notify the supervisors to go to the site for inspection. The supervisor can receive the alarm information through the monitoring platform. Real-time monitoring of calls, SMS apps, etc.

Cable anti-theft monitoring[Applicable equipment]: S257, S275