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DTU IoT Concrete Temperature Measurement Scheme
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DTU IoT Concrete Temperature Measurement Scheme
The infinite concrete temperature measurement scheme is mainly applied to the temperature monitoring of large-volume concrete box girder maintenance and temperature measurement highways in passenger dedicated lines and high-speed railway projects, bridges and piers during railway construction. High-rise buildings, large-volume concrete low-base caps and frame pouring The temperature monitoring of the mass concrete dam body temperature monitoring during water conservancy construction.

Through the Golden Dove IoT device, the temperature of the concrete monitored by the temperature sensor is transmitted to the cloud platform through GPRS/3G/4G/NB/LoRa, etc. When the temperature is abnormal, the platform notifies the management personnel via SMS, telephone, WeChat, etc. The collected temperature data is collected and formed into a curve to facilitate maintenance and viewing, providing data support for improving the process.

Concrete temperature monitoring
[Applicable equipment]: DTU ,Wireless IoT module