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Fire monitoring at S272 cotton plant
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Fire monitoring at S272 cotton plant
Cotton mills are relatively easy to catch fire, especially the friction of the machine, it is easier to catch fire, and it is a major threat
to finance and safety. We know whether there is fire through real-time temperature monitoring and alarm from smoke sensor. The
pump is then remotely controlled by a relay to extinguish the fire. 

To increase the reaction time and reduce casualties. With the rapid development of China's economy, the factory safety factor has
gradually increased. Dangerous goods are usually flammable, explosive or volatile, and are prone to safety accidents. Due to poor
conditions, there is no network in the warehouse or in the production workshop, and the scope of monitoring is not only large, but
also dynamics as the goods enter and exit. Sexuality makes it difficult to achieve stable and efficient safety monitoring of flammable
materials. A reasonable coverage strategy is conducive to saving economic costs and reducing energy consumption, and is of great
significance for the long-term and efficient operation of the disaster monitoring system.

Fire prevention and monitoring.
[Applicable equipment]: S272/273/274/275