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Temperature Monitoring of S272 Porcelain Factory
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Temperature Monitoring of S272 Porcelain Factory
The carcass of the porcelain must be fired at a high temperature of 1200 ° C to 1300 ° C to have the physical properties of the porcelain. The porcelain clay varies from place to place, and the firing temperature varies. It is subject to sintering. The glaze applied to the surface of the porcelain must be a glass glaze fired with the porcelain under high temperature. So the control of temperature is very much needed.
The production of porcelain is the understanding and use of soil and fire. In the long-term practice of making pottery, people found that by applying different fire temperatures, they can burn porcelain that is essentially different from pottery. Soil and fire are the two conditions for making porcelain. Porcelain clay containing kaolin, feldspar and quartz is the internal basis of porcelain production, and the fire temperature is the external cause of porcelain production.

Porcelain Factory Temperature Monitoring.
[Applicable equipment]: S27X/S26X