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M120t Industrial Field Ethernet data acquisition
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There are a lot of data to be collected in the industrial site, such as temperature and humidity, control device switch, M120T can connect multi-channel sensor and control multi-way switch, and send data to the customer's Scada system, users can concentrate data through Scada and other monitoring software. Monitoring management.
M120t Industrial Field Ethernet data acquisition
The rapid development of the Internet of Things has prompted more and more industrial sites to achieve networking intelligence, and users' requirements for monitoring industrial field data are constantly improving. The temperature and humidity of the industrial field working environment, the detection of water leakage, the centralized timing management control of equipment switches, the power failure alarm, and the data acquisition of intelligent instrumentation can all be realized by M120T. The M120T can be connected to multiple sensors and control multiplexers. Many industrial sites have control rooms. The M120T can access the customer's Scada system and transfer data to Scada. Users can monitor and manage the data through Scada and other monitoring software.
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