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S275 on-site LED display environmental monitoring system
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It can be applied to construction sites, traffic roads, etc., where there are many dust and noise noises. 
S275 on-site LED display environmental monitoring system
Through this scheme, the carbon dioxide content and noise level are monitored remotely, so that corresponding adjustments can be made to reduce carbon dioxide content and reduce noise as much as possible.

The program is a special monitoring system for dust and noise environment monitoring for construction 
engineering, roads, pipeline construction, demolition construction, and stockyards. The relevant sensors (PM2.5, PM10, noise, CO2 sensor) are connected via RS485, and the on-site LED display is connected, and the related PM2.5, noise, carbon dioxide content, etc. are presented on the display. The data is seen more intuitively through the display. And upload data to the cloud platform through our device S275, the cloud platform can monitor and adjust related data in real time.

[Applicable equipment]: S27x, S47x