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RTU 5028 farm power failure monitoring

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Sufficient electricity is vital to the farm. Once there is a power outage, it will seriously affect the growth of poultry. The blackout period will lead to catastrophic effects (such as mass death). Therefore, the farmers will carry out the power situation of the farm. Real-time monitoring is very necessary.

With the promotion of intelligent control technology and the rise of cage equipment, the demand for automation equipment is also increasing. Adequate power supply can ensure the function of automated farming equipment. Power outage will seriously affect the environmental control of farms, thus affecting poultry farming. benefit. Second, if the farm is out of power for a long time, if it cannot be discovered in time, it will have a catastrophic impact on the culture, and the economic loss cannot be imagined. If the information is sent to the mobile phone in time when the power is cut off, the monitoring of the poultry house will be effectively realized. The equipment of Jin Ge Technology will be connected to the power system of the farm. Once the farm is cut off, the equipment will immediately notify the farmers by telephone and SMS to effectively monitor the poultry house.