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S272+RTU5020 honey farming environment monitoring
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Due to the remoteness of the breeding base, farmers are not allowed to go to the scene to check the environmental conditions. Gold pigeon S271 and RTU5020 equipment can be installed on site, and then sensors (temperature and humidity sensing, blade humidity sensor, pressure sensor, etc.) can be installed at various points to be tested. With the King Pigeon cloud platform, online real-time viewing data can be realized.
S272+RTU5020 honey farming environment monitoring
The bases for breeding bees are generally remote and far from residential areas, and farmers are not able to go to the scene at any time. If large quantities of bees are cultured, there is a high demand for beekeeping environment. Farmers need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the breeding site, the humidity of the leaves and other environmental data in real time, and also need to replenish the water in an appropriate amount, and also need to time the weight of each beehive. Detection, to infer the honey gathering situation of the bees. Install S271+RTU5020 of King Pigeon device at the breeding base, then connect the temperature and humidity sensor, the blade humidity sensor, and install the pressure sensor (measuring weight) at the bottom of each beehive. RTU5020 and S271 can transmit these data to the King Pigeon Cloud platform for breeding. The household can view the on-site data in real time through the King Pigeon Cloud Platform and APP, and switch the water pump to replenish moisture as needed.

[Applicable equipment]: S27X