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S272 hatchery temperature and humidity monitoring
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Some poultry hatcheries do not have the concept of constant temperature and humidity at all. They think that hatching is a room plus hatching equipment, and the eggs are pushed to hatch. Ten eggs and six seedlings come out, and it is enough. However, this is not the case. 
S272 hatchery temperature and humidity monitoring
After the environmental control transformation, 90% of the hatching rate can be achieved, and there is great disparity with the environmental control. Temperature, humidity and gas monitoring in environmental control systems are necessary. 

According to reports, the environmental control system is to ensure that the incubator equipment is constant temperature and humidity and clean environment throughout the year. The inlet environment into the incubator is relatively stable, and the incubator can stably create an appropriate environment for the eggs throughout the year. In addition, the exhaust gas is independently discharged to the outside.

Incubation room temperature humidity monitoring and monitoring, need to achieve temperature control and temperature and humidity measurement, recording, storage and other functions for each incubation room. This requires the use of temperature and humidity sensor monitoring technology to achieve automatic temperature and humidity monitoring and control, and the relevant records as a record to achieve increased hatchability.
hatchery temperature and humidity monitoring
[Applicable equipment]: S27X/S26X/RTU502X