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S272 water and fertilizer machine remote control
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Water and fertilizer integration technology refers to the new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization. 
S272 water and fertilizer machine remote control
The integration of water and fertilizer is based on the pressure system (or the natural drop of the topography), the soluble solid or liquid fertilizer, according to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer requirements and characteristics of the crop type, the fertilizer solution blended with the irrigation water, through the controllable pipeline The system supplies water and fertilizes, so that the water and fertilizer are merged, and drip irrigation is formed through the pipeline and the dripper to uniformly and regularly infiltrate the root growth and growth area of the crop 

so that the main root soil always maintains a loose and suitable water content; and according to different crops The characteristics of fertilizer demand, soil environment and nutrient content, water demand in different growing seasons of crops, demand for fertilizers, design of different growth stages, regular quantification of water and nutrients, and direct supply to crops.

 water and fertilizer machine remote control
 [Applicable equipment]: S27X