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S272+ methane detector + cloud platform refinery safety monitoring
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In many fractionation towers in refineries, steam is used to break down crude oil and produce light and heavy products. Since the product needs to be cooled before shipment, many heat exchangers using process water are installed in the fractionation tower to achieve cooling.

On cooling towers and other floor buildings, workers must perform empty operations. At work, workers may not notice the risk of methane gas that may be present near the tower. Therefore, in addition to the gas detection equipment that the individual carries with him, it is important to configure the gas monitoring and alarm system in the equipment environment. It may be difficult to completely eliminate the gas risk for the operator, but the wireless temporary area monitoring system can effectively solve this problem.

Install a methane detector near the cooling tower and connect it to the device S272. The S272 is connected to the cloud platform. Once the ground detects that the concentration of methane and other gases exceeds the preset limit, the device reports the data to the cloud platform, and the platform sends an alarm message to the platform. Relevant personnel, the scene alarm will also sound and light alarm, so that everyone can know the danger.

Moreover, the portable device can transmit an alarm to the control room via a detector mounted outside the control room. In addition to the gas alarm signal, the detector can also transmit other fault signals, such as loss of signal or "low battery" alarm.
Harmful Gas Monitoring and Alarm System。
S272+ methane detector + cloud platform refinery safety monitoring
[Applicable equipment]: S272+ cloud platform