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4G IoT RTU S27x series for intelligent fire field instrument data acquisition
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The monitoring solution and the King Pigeon IoT platform form a complete solution, through wireless technology to complete all sensor networking, Real-time monitoring and alarm, remote control and other functions, comprehensively improve social fire prevention and control capabilities, force fire fighting emergency rescue capabilities and teams The management level has realized the transition from “traditional fire protection” to “modern fire protection”.

It can be used in schools, government agencies, industrial and mining enterprises, residential rental houses, commercial offices, urban complexes, key supervision units and other places where fire prevention is required. RTU collects independent smoke/temperature and other data and uses the Internet of Clouds platform. Fire information in the detection site, and report the fire information to the Smart Fire Management Office when a fire occurs. Jin Ge Technology provides WEB-based multi-level management and mobile APP-based mobile monitoring platform. The fault alarm information can be notified to the management personnel in real time through voice, SMS and WeChat. Enterprises, fire management or management personnel can report fire accidents through the Web-side function, and can be sent to the nearest security officer for accident confirmation based on the accident location. Based on the remote IoT management platform, when the administrator confirms the fire alarm or fault information, it can trigger remote control and linkage to eliminate potential safety hazards in time.
4G IoT RTU S27x series for intelligent fire field instrument data acquisition
Applicable equipment]: S273, S275, S475