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S272 School Wisdom Farm
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In today's rapid development of science and technology, it is necessary to fundamentally solve the problem of agriculture in the rise and fall of the country.
S272 School Wisdom Farm
Nowadays, the application of advanced IoT technologies such as sensing, communication and data processing in the agricultural field and the construction of intelligent agricultural systems have become an effective method to solve the problem of agricultural development lag. 

The foundation of agricultural science and technology lies in agricultural education. The deep integration of technology and education can better promote the rapid development of China's agriculture. Therefore, through the agricultural Maker activities, the achievements and prospects of science and technology agriculture will be passed on to children, so that children can understand the cutting-edge science of agriculture now and enhance their awareness of agricultural science and technology, so that children can stand on the shoulders of their predecessors in the future. For a deeper exploration, they can fly higher and further.
The development of smart agriculture is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, promote rural revitalization, and is an important measure to promote the modernization of agriculture. As the smallest carrier to promote the transformation of traditional agriculture to intelligent agriculture, smart agriculture and modern agriculture, the wisdom agricultural park should assume the responsibility of demonstration and promotion, promote the wisdom agriculture through the adoption of a point-to-face development model, and improve the overall level of agricultural modernization.
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