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S280 underground pipe trench remote monitoring system solution
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Underground pipe trenches refer to the trenches used for laying pipes, including plant trenches and parks, urban pipe trenches, etc. Due to the frequent closure of underground trenches and the chemical reaction of various substances, some toxic and harmful gases are generated, mainly methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Real-time monitoring of dangerous gases in trenches will provide monitoring and management of hazardous gases in municipal facilities. Fast, accurate and real-time information processing methods, improve the accident prevention mechanism, and provide advanced and convenient management tools for the municipal administrative department to ensure social stability and people's safety
Remote monitoring of toxic gases

The underground pipe trench monitoring system designed by our company can realize real-time remote monitoring of the water level, toxic and harmful gas, and manhole cover status of the underground pipe trench to ensure the working environment of the underground pipe trench is safe and the equipment is running normally. Staff can monitor the safety status of underground trenches in real time through PC or smartphone, as the basis for trench work. When there is an unexpected situation, such as water level and gas concentration exceeding the standard, the system will automatically send out an alarm message to inform relevant personnel to take emergency measures for the location with potential safety hazards to avoid accidents.

System Block Diagram:
Sewage monitoring system

[Applicable device model]: S280+WT-01+DAM