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Sewage Treatment in S272 Printing and Dyeing Plant
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The whole system of the traditional sewage treatment equipment is operated by the automatic control system. The parameters such as water output, water quality, pool water level and PH value cannot be obtained. The fault can only be found by personnel inspection and time-consuming and laborious. The oxygen content of the biological contact oxidation tank, the operating state of the blower, the liquid level of the sedimentation tank, the turbidity, the operating state of the return pump, and the operating state of the aerator cannot be remotely monitored and controlled.

With the rapid development of China's science and technology and social economy, environmental pollution problems, especially water pollution problems, have drawn great attention from all walks of life. The preparation and commissioning of sewage treatment plants has become a hot item in municipal engineering projects in major cities in China. 

In order to ensure that the sewage treatment process and equipment can operate safely and reliably for a long time, it is necessary to establish an intelligent control system integrating management and control. To this end, according to the actual situation, the automatic control system and remote diagnosis and maintenance system are designed. Based on the principle of “simplified, safe, practical and reliable”, the design grasps and understands the operation conditions of the various processes of the wastewater treatment plant and the changes of process parameters. And size; optimize the operation of each process, ensure the effluent water quality, reduce the processing cost, improve the operation and management level, so that the water plant can run normally and stably for a long time, and obtain the best benefit. 

The automatic control system is a self-control system that integrates the control function, management function and data processing function in a tightly integrated process, and realizes monitoring, operation control and management of various electrical equipment, process parameters and operating conditions of the plant.
[Applicable device model]: S27X