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Wireless Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Monitoring System -IoT Solutions

King Pigeon provide Refrigerator and freezer monitoring IoT Solutions, including alarming, recording, warning, reporting and remote control Air Conditioner solutions to reduce the risk of lost product and regulatory non-compliance in life science cold storage applications. Ideal for freezer temperature monitoring, with multiple connectivity options including wired and wireless, with internet of things technology, provides temperature monitoring and cloud platform compelete solutions.

The Refrigerator and freezer monitoring IoT Solutions can help you maintain proper temperatures and will alert you in real-time if temperature go outside a safe zone. it can  protect your valuable product 24/7 in Refrigerator, freezer, cooler.

Through the KPIIOT Cloud Platform, the user can real-time monitoring the temperature, if higher or lower, it can alert by SMS, emails, and also can export the historical data.  the KP-IOT APPs provides remote monitoring the temperature and receive alarm information in anywhere and anytime.


[IoT Device Model No.]: IoT105,RTU5027,S266,S281
Wireless Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Monitoring System -IoT Solutions