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Outdoor Lighting Management IoT Solution

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Update time : 2022-08-02 12:51:00
Business owners and facility managers become more aware of the need for better management of outdoor lighting, energy efficient use, in order to manage outdoor lighting and nearby facilities, they need some type of lighting control system. IoT is good choice. 

The benefits of IoT solution are obvious. No need for additional wiring, intelligent remote control of outdoor lighting can be realized, feedback results can be obtained in a timely and accurate manner, and even early warning of the use of lighting fixtures, which improves the maintenance efficiency and reduces the manpower and vehicle-related costs of patrol. Save street light maintenance costs. The intelligent control of lighting saves a lot of electricity expenses, can extend the lighting time in cloudy and rainy days, and reduce the lighting time when the weather is sunny, so as to meet the user's lighting needs for special times and purposes. Intelligent control of lighting reduces overall lighting time and extends lamp life. It can also realize functions such as automatic meter reading and billing, and keep abreast of electricity consumption. Ensure the interests of multiple parties such as the government and owners. 

A recent project of BLIIoT has successfully realized the IoT smart lighting. The 4G RTU data acquisition terminal S275 has been used in many projects of outdoor lighting and achieved good results.

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