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4G Smart Air Conditioner IoT Gateway Application

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-06-01 16:31:30
4G smart air conditioner IoT gateway application

The air-conditioning IoT gateway has been widely used in the fields of building intelligence and energy saving. The system realizes the monitoring, maintenance and control of the central air-conditioning system by collecting the data of the central air-conditioning and uploading it to the Internet of Things cloud platform, MES system, SCADA and self-built cloud services. Below we will discuss in detail the application of these aspects and the RS485 air conditioner intelligent acquisition controller.
1. Application of docking host computer
First of all, the Internet of Things cloud platform is the product of the combination of information technology and Internet of Things technology. The central air-conditioning IoT gateway collects central air-conditioning operating data through sensors, and transmits the data to the cloud platform through wireless transmission. In the cloud platform, data can be stored, analyzed and processed, and generate reports and early warning information to help users improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems and reduce energy costs.
Secondly, the MES system is a production process management system, which can monitor various indicators in the production process in real time, including process parameters, product quality, equipment status, etc. The central air-conditioning IoT gateway can upload the data in the sandbox central air-conditioning system to the MES system to realize real-time monitoring and statistics of the operation of the air-conditioning. This helps users grasp the operating status of the air-conditioning system, find and deal with problems in time, optimize the operation of the air-conditioning system, and reduce energy costs.
Third, the SCADA system is a monitoring and data acquisition system widely used in the field of industrial automation. The central air-conditioning IoT gateway can upload the data of the air-conditioning system to the SCADA system to achieve precise control and management of the air-conditioning system. Through the SCADA system, users can adjust the temperature, humidity, air volume and other parameters of the central air-conditioning system to optimize the operating efficiency of the air-conditioning system, reduce energy consumption, and reduce air pollution.
Finally, self-built cloud service refers to the self-owned server built by users with cloud computing functions, which can not only provide data storage, but also host various software applications. The central air-conditioning IoT gateway can upload the air-conditioning system data to the self-built cloud service to establish an air-conditioning operation graphical interface that can support a variety of specific applications, monitor the working status of the central air-conditioning system in real time, and remotely control the operation of the air-conditioning system . This provides users with a convenient and reliable way to monitor and manage their air conditioning systems.
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