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5G Edge Computing Gateway Applied to Monitoring and Control of Water Pump Room

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-03-20 10:21:25
5G edge computing gateway applied to monitoring and control of water pump room
Water is closely related to people's lives, so the demand for water pump houses continues to grow. Smart water pump houses effectively integrate systems such as user perception, human-computer interaction, intelligent identification, water pressure, water quality assurance, remote management, energy consumption management, and operation and maintenance management. ;It is the perfect integration of traditional pumping station and modern big data intelligent interconnection, realizing modular customization, refined production, standardized installation, IoT connection, data analysis, intelligent management, and truly realizing the revolutionary change of the pump room! As a new technology, 5G edge computing gateway has been widely used in the intelligent monitoring and management of water pump houses. This article will introduce the application of 5G edge computing gateway in water pump room.

BLIIoT BL302 applies 5G edge computing gateway to water pump room control to achieve the following advantages:
1. Real-time monitoring: Using the low latency and high bandwidth of the 5G network, the operating status of the water pump room can be monitored in real time, and abnormal situations can be responded in time to improve the operating efficiency of the water pump room.
2. Efficient control: With the help of edge computing technology, the computing power is pushed to the edge of the network, which can achieve more efficient data analysis and processing, and more precise control of the pump room.
3. Reliable and safe: The 5G edge computing gateway can realize real-time backup and synchronization of data, improve data reliability and security, and ensure the stable operation of the water pump station.
4. Green and energy-saving: through the establishment of an intelligent control system, the automatic management and adjustment of the water pump room equipment can be realized, energy waste and resource loss can be avoided, and green and energy-saving can be realized.
In short, applying the 5G edge computing gateway to the control of the water pump room can improve the operating efficiency and safety of the water pump room, reduce management costs and maintenance difficulties, and is a new intelligent control mode.

Barium Rhenium Technology BL302 Edge Computing Gateway Main Functions:
Embedded ARM controller BL301/BL302 series are industrial-grade rugged industrial controllers, using NXP's high-performance processor I.MX6ULL, with advanced ARM Cortex-A7 architecture, operating speed up to 800MHz, with high stability. This product can provide up to 4 RS485/RS232, 1 CAN port, 2 network ports, 2 DI ports, 2 PWM port outputs, 1 USB interface, 1 power input/output interface, and 1 HDMI video display interface. It can run LINUX, Ubuntu, Debian and other OS, compatible with Node-Red, QT, Python, C++ and other applications, and supports MySQL, InfluxDB, SQLite and other databases. Rich hardware interfaces and strong software compatibility, compact size, and DIN35 rail installation make the embedded ARM controller BL301/BL302 have a wide range of application scenarios. (The picture shows the water pump room of Nanyang Institute of Technology)

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