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Beilai Technology Industrial Computer BL302 Applied to the Smart Charging Pile Project

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-06-28 14:03:14
Beilai Technology Industrial Computer BL302 Applied to the Smart Charging Pile Project
Industrial computer has been widely used in all aspects of industry and people's life. For example: Embedded ARM industrial computer BL301/BL302 series are widely used in the Internet of Things, industrial Internet of Things, digital factories, industrial automation, smart medical care, smart power, smart security, vehicles, rail transit, communications, charging piles, smart homes, people field of computer interaction.

Driven by green and low-carbon development, the traditional charging pile industry is accelerating towards a technology track focusing on smart charging piles.
Currently encountered problems:
1. The number of charging piles is huge, the installation locations are scattered, the environment is harsh, management is not easy, and the cost of equipment maintenance is often very high.
2. The charging pile industry protocol is not unified and standardized, and the protocols used by various manufacturers of charging pile equipment are quite different, which has caused certain difficulties for the management of the monitoring center and is inconvenient for data statistics.
3. Most of the charging stations are in the outdoor environment, which has extremely high requirements on the performance of the equipment, and must be above industrial-grade standards.
4. For the operation and maintenance of traditional charging stations, the charging piles still need to be manually inspected on the station and on-site for "physical examination" and inspections. Remote management must be used to save operation and maintenance costs.
Introduction to Application Scenarios
The charging pile is generally composed of industrial computer, power controller, power module, interface module, interface management system and other parts.
With the industrial computer as the core hardware foundation, an intelligent charging pile safety operation system is created. Beilai technology industrial computer BL302 can realize charging pile data networking, remote monitoring, communication, system fault diagnosis, parameter adjustment, safety monitoring and other functions to meet the needs of users. Scenario application requirements make it easy for managers to manage charging piles anytime and anywhere, improve charging efficiency and user experience for users, and improve the decoding performance of the charging station algorithm by more than 75% on the original basis, while reducing power consumption by nearly 2/3.
1. Charging status monitoring
Beilai technology BL302ARM architecture industrial computer can collect the operating status data of charging piles, collect voltage, current, temperature, etc. through sensors or instruments, and judge the operating status of charging piles based on these data, so as to realize charging status monitoring and unmanned intelligent operation. maintenance and operation optimization, and improve the utilization rate of charging piles.
2. Environmental monitoring
The industrial computer applied to the charging pile can collect the surrounding environmental parameter data, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc., by installing sensors, and judge the environmental conditions of the charging pile according to these data, so as to realize environmental monitoring and ensure the safe operation of the charging pile.
3. Safety Monitoring
The industrial computer applied to the charging pile can collect the voltage, current, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other parameter data of the charging pile by installing sensors, and judge the operation of the charging pile according to these data, so as to realize the safety monitoring of the charging pile. In addition, the industrial computer can also collect the leakage information of the charging pile, and send out an alarm in time to detect potential safety hazards in the entire area of the charging station to ensure the safety of the entire area of the charging station.
If it senses fire hazards, dangerous behaviors of artificial charging, abnormal temperature of equipment, etc., it will immediately start the sound and light system alarm and SMS and phone notification to remind the charging user to leave, and immediately feedback to the staff for processing. If it is within the set time If no one responds, the electrification equipment will be controlled to cut off the power of the entire charging station to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance.
4. Mobile payment
The industrial computer can not only realize 24-hour unmanned charging service, but also realize the charging pile payment function by connecting to the payment system, and support multiple payment methods, such as credit card payment, QR code payment, etc.
Advantages of industrial computer
1. Fanless design, with the characteristics of stability, firmness, reliability, etc., can conveniently realize free charging operation, and can collect various charging parameters on site in real time;
2. Support CAN bus interface communication, which can meet the needs of more industrial application fields;
3. 4-way 232/485 interface, 1-way CAN port, 2-way network port, 2-way PWM port output, 1-way USB interface, 1-way power input/output interface, 1-way HDMI video display interface, which can meet various applications Scenario function expansion requirements can support users to plug and play, and speed up project implementation;
4. 2-way DI port, which can be flexibly connected to external card readers, printers, watt-hour meters and other equipment, so that users can freely operate the charging pile.
5. The chassis is made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of firmness, good shock resistance, fast heat dissipation, dust-proof and splash-proof, and does not absorb heat in the sun to prevent the internal temperature from escaping in summer.
6. BL302’s wide temperature operation (-40~80℃, 5%~95% RH), wide voltage design and IEC standard ESD protection can perfectly protect the system from the harsh environment and operation problems of the charging station, and can deal with charging Many problems such as overvoltage and overcurrent during the period.
In addition, the eight reasons for choosing the BLIIOT BL302 industrial computer have advantages that are incomparable to similar products of the same industry in the application of charging piles.

Beilai technology BL302 adopts NXP's high-performance processor I.MX6ULL with a running speed of up to 800MHz, and is equipped with 8GFlash space and 512M RAM. It can run LINUX, Ubuntu, Debian and other OSs, and is compatible with Node-Red, QT, Python, C++ and other applications The program supports MySQL, InfluxDB, SQLite and other databases.
With the continuous development of the charging pile industry, the application of industrial computers in the charging industry is getting deeper and deeper. At present, the edge computing based on the ARM architecture of Beilai technology provides charging pile industry users with its stable quality and high cost performance. A cost-effective solution. It can also be applied to vertical charging piles, mobile charging cars, and power exchange cabinets.
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