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BLIIoT attending SIAF Exhibition in 2023

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-03-03 17:48:31
BLIIOT focuses on automation technology and runs through intelligent manufacturing upgrading industry 4.0.
BLIIOT drives the intelligent transformation and works with the robot 20+application industry to make steady progress.
BLIIOT helps build a smart factory, build a digital future, and drive a new generation of manufacturing industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

BLIIoT attending SIAF Exhibition

Exhibition Highlights
1. Focus on automation technology and run through the context of intelligent manufacturing upgrading.
Demonstrate key technical links such as transmission system, control technology, connection technology, sensors, industrial Internet, and help the manufacturing industry continuously optimize the construction of automation infrastructure.

2. Promote the intelligent transformation and work with the 20+application industries to move forward steadily.
Provide intelligent transformation solutions for automobile engineering, 3C household appliances, food and beverage, new energy, intelligent equipment, etc. 20, and the robot and machine vision zone enables enterprises to intelligently build new tentacles.

3. Build a digital future and drive the new generation of manufacturing industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
It is right time to build a smart factory! Demonstrate technical solutions such as industrial internet and internal logistics integration, connect production data information, and stimulate new ideas of lean production. New digital and information application conference, focusing on the pain points and cases of industry demand, and building a high-quality communication ecosystem for digital transformation of manufacturing industry.

4. Refresh the thinking of lean and intelligent manufacturing, and release the value of activities in the same period.
Continue to deepen the two main lines of "automation infrastructure" and "industry application+", meet the technical analysis needs of each development stage, and communicate with leading manufacturers' brand technical experts.

5. Set the tide of modernization, transformation and upgrading, and SAF helps to grow together.
Make full use of the advantages of internal and external resources, opportunities in the era of Industry 4.0 and Guangdong's policy advantages, based in Guangzhou, serve the huge manufacturing industry cluster in China, radiate the world, and show unlimited business opportunities and technological vitality for the industry.

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