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BLIIOT Solution for Oil Exploitation Data Monitoring on Offshore Oil Drilling Platform

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-05-29 17:52:52
BLIIOT Solution for Oil Exploitation Data Monitoring on Offshore Oil Drilling Platform

An offshore platform is a massive structure that overcomes the environmental impact of offshore oil extraction, equipped to drill and extract oil and gas from deep under the sea. These offshore platforms require industrial network equipment to securely monitor and control equipment from a central control room on board and transmit data back to land for upper management planning.

SCADA systems to monitor oil production are networked using serial (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP and other industrial Ethernet protocols). IP/PoE surveillance cameras that require Industrial Ethernet switches are monitoring the security posture of the entire oil platform. Industrial wireless solutions are important to provide WiFi connectivity to all equipment on board and equipment where wiring is not possible or ideal. Industrial networking equipment is critical to 24/7 operations on offshore platforms.
In order to realize the oil production data monitoring of offshore oil drilling platforms, BLIIOT has developed corresponding solutions:

BLIIOT BL102 PLC gateway (PLC/Modbus to MQTT/OPC UA gateway): This gateway can realize the conversion between PLC and Modbus protocol and MQTT/OPC UA, and transmit the collected data on the oil production platform to the monitoring platform through MQTT or OPC UA protocol In the system, real-time data monitoring and remote access are realized.

BLIIOT BL168G Industrial Ethernet Switch (Gigabit 2 optical 8 electrical): This industrial Ethernet switch provides reliable high-speed Ethernet connection for connecting various devices and sensors on the oil production platform. It supports Gigabit Ethernet rate and has two connection methods of optical fiber and cable to ensure fast and stable data transmission.

BLIIOT BL169GMP-SFP managed industrial Ethernet POE switch (gigabit 4 optical 8 electrical): This industrial Ethernet POE switch supports Gigabit Ethernet rate and provides power supply function, suitable for connecting devices that need power supply, such as surveillance cameras . It has a network management function, which is convenient for managing and monitoring the status and performance of network devices.

BLIIOT R40 Cellular Edge IoT Router: This cellular edge IoT router provides reliable wireless connectivity and is suitable for connecting devices and sensors on offshore oil rigs. It supports cellular networks (such as 4G/5G), realizes remote monitoring and remote access, and ensures timely data transmission and remote control.

An offshore oil drilling platform is a complex project that requires reliable network equipment to ensure the safe and stable transmission of data. By using the products recommended above, an efficient and reliable monitoring system can be built to realize real-time monitoring and remote access to oil production data, improving production efficiency and safety. BLIIOT can provide a complete solution to meet the network communication needs of offshore oil drilling platforms and ensure the stable operation of the platform.

1.Continuous monitoring of devices and the ability to support high bandwidths
2.Wide operating temperature for reliability in harsh environments
3.Wireless link across oil platform

BLIIOT BL102 PLC Gateway (PLC/Modbus to MQTT/OPC UA Gateway)
BLIIOT BL168G Industrial Ethernet Switch (Gigabit 2 Optical 8 Electrical)
BLIIOT BL169GMP-SFP Managed Industrial Ethernet POE Switch (Gigabit 4 Optical 8 Electrical)
BLIIOT R40 Cellular Edge IoT Router
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