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BLIIoT Industrial IoT Gateway BL110 Application 2--Packing List

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2022-10-11 10:21:25

Packing List

Before connecting BL110 gateway, please make sure below items are included in the package:
(Pictures are for reference only. Follow actual items.)


•1XBL110 Gateway


1x 4PIN 3.5mm wiring terminal for power input


•1x 485 or 232 12PIN 3.5mm wiring terminal
1 x 4G SMA cellular network antenna
•2 x wall-mounting clip kit(Optional accessories)
•1 x DIN-Rail mounting clip kit(Optional accessories)
1 x User Manual (PDF Soft copy)

1 x SIM Card Picking PIN


•1 x Product Qualification Certificate
•1 x Warranty Card
Note: If any of above items are missing, please contact BLIIOT Sales team.



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