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BLIIoT Industrial IoT Gateway BL110 Application 12--Login to Configuration Software

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2022-10-26 13:53:46
Connect BL110 to router or switch through WAN port with standard direct network cable or cross network cable. Router or switch IP can’t be the same as Gateway BL110 IP Make sure BL110 and PC are in the same local area network. If it’s necessary to connect the gateway to PC directly, use standard cross network cable to connect through BL110 LAN port. (If BL110 is connected to PC directly, PC IP must be specified to as default LAN IP of gateway is from factory setting. IP address, subset mask, MAC and DNS are needed for PC IP setting)
Note: WAN port IP is retrieved automatically, LAN port IP is from factory setting
Wiring of Connecting BL110 to Router/Switch and PC:

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