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How to Realize Remote Monitoring Data and Alarm in the Computer Room Monitoring System?

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-03-28 14:44:11
How to realize remote monitoring data and alarm in the computer room monitoring system?
The computer room monitoring system that realizes remote monitoring data can be carried out according to the following steps:

First Step:
Configure Software Parameters:

According to the specific monitoring system hardware equipment, configure corresponding software parameters, such as S270/S272.

Second Step:
Connect to the Cloud Platform:

Connect the monitoring system to the cloud platform to read device information remotely. You can choose an existing cloud platform or build a cloud platform yourself.

Third Step:
Connect the Sensor:

Connect the sensor to the monitoring system to ensure that the sensor can work normally. Sensors can be connected to monitoring systems via DI, T/H or AI interfaces.
The DI interface can be connected to the following sensors:
1. Liquid level sensor (low, middle and high three wires, respectively monitor low, middle and high liquid level data),
2. Water immersion sensor (need to connect the transmitter to convert to analog 4+20ma),
3, smoke sensor,
4. Infrared proximity sensor

The T/H interface can be directly connected to the temperature and humidity sensor AM2301;
The AI interface can be connected to PT100 and converted to analog 4+20ma through the transmitter;
DO interface connection Buzzer;
Obtain data and upload to cloud platform: read sensor data and upload to cloud platform for remote monitoring and data analysis. You can use BLIIOT Cloud 2.0 cloud platform or other cloud platforms.

The Last step:
Realize the Linkage Alarm:

According to the needs, set the corresponding alarm threshold, and connect the monitoring system with the alarm equipment, such as a buzzer alarm. When the alarm is triggered, it can send SMS reminders and other functions.

It should be noted that when performing sensor linkage, the sensor needs to be connected to an external power supply, such as a 12V power adapter, to ensure that the sensor can work normally.
In addition, in the process of data upload and linkage alarm, it is necessary to protect data security and privacy, and take corresponding data encryption and access control measures.
It can read sensor data and upload it to the cloud platform, remotely monitor the data through the BLIIOT Cloud 2.0 cloud platform, and also realize linkage alarms by setting alarm thresholds, send SMS reminders, etc.
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