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Ethernet I/O Module replace PLC I/O card and helps automation of HVAC

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                                                              Case Study

substitute i/o cards, people choose this Ethernet I/O module, connect PLC for building automation ( HVAC control in a clean room)

Introduction of customer and use scenarios

Clean rooms are widely used in pharmaceutical factories, microbiological products factories, research institute laboratories, microelectronics, semiconductors, Photovoltaic and other industries.
The humidity, temperature, and airflow pressure in the clean room are very important, and need real-time monitoring, precise adjustment and control, and automatic management is essential. Therefore, the automation control of the HVAC control system is the key issue.
In this project, customer is the clean room of a pharmaceutical factory in Brazil, which uses PLC to control the HVAC system. The connection between the PLC and the field instruments is the i/o card for Wago PLC model 750-8212.
It's for a microbiology laboratory test, customer test contamination of vaccine. This company makes vaccines, serums against sneaks and spiders poison, they do R&D about drugs too.


The customer is facing to these challenges:
* Too expensive
PLC needs a particular I/O card of proprietary, so the cost per I/O port is very high.
wago plc cost about 20 USD per DO or DI and 60 USD per AI point
* user experience is bad
hard to PLC programming, too slow communication, there are conflicts to polling


Solution provider is LGRN company in Brazil.
LGRN company choose Ethernet I/O module M160T to substitute I/O card.
The cost of Ethernet I/O module is less than USD200 but support 8 channels DI , 8 channels Analog input and 8-channels DO, therefore the average cost per I/O can reduce more than 50%.

Solution topology diagram

With the help of solution provider who replace PLC card with M160T Ethernet I/O module, the customer pays less money on the automation of HVAC but get better clean room use experience.


reduce cost per I/O by more than 50%
simplify wiring
Easy expansion
Few conflict, communication connection more reliable

Customer Testimonials

I tried many solutions, plc card, others I/O remote
The m160t is the best
The reasons of choosing M160T:
  1. Cost per I/O better than plc card
  the plc card refer to i/o card
wago plc cost about 20 usd per DO or DI and 60 USD per AI point
All plc card I know is always particularmeans special for wago brand only, Proprietary
  1. Ethernet connection is a big differential
  because M160T support Ethernet connection , it is better over others connection that uses rs485.  And It is more confiability.  the m160t works uninterrupted all time, works all function.
Fass communication.
  1. Possibility expansion points on RS485 port because M160T has RS485 port,  there is possibility of expansion.  expanse to support more sensors/instruments/data points
  1. There other advantage the only modbus map, only ID and IP
With m160t we can do only one map registers with one ID and one IP address
PLC see only ONE device
only one register map for all instruments/ sensors /devices
  1. Easy PLC programming
Direct access to 8AI, 8DI, 8DO,  substitute for PLC card is really good!

On-site photos:  

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M160T product page:

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