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Industrial cellular router R40 product new functions

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Update time : 2021-10-12 15:04:29
Thanks to valued customer feedback and suggestions,  King Pigeon R&D engineers team improve product a lot.  
Industrial cellular router R40 has added the following functions.

(1)  MQTT subscription :  Add a new mode , only the changed data is transmited by MQTT 
(2)  Dual-SIMs:  Add an enable switch to power off any one of the cellular module when necessary
(3)  MQTT : support custom  data format
(4)  Modbus setting:  people can configue the acquision cycle and response timeout time on Modbus master station  
(5)  The cycle timer :   people can configue the start time and end time ,  the number of cycles 
(6)  Ethernet ports new feature:   WAN port can switch to LAN port  in network settings
(7)  USB port new feature :  when a U disk or mobile hard disk is connected to the USB port of the R40 router,   internet computer can access this storage device by the mean of accessing network shared directory

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