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BLIIoT Industrial IoT Gateway BL110 Application 61--How to Configure King Pigeon Cloud via MQTT

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2023-01-04 13:49:20

King Pigeon Cloud via MQTT

(1) Double click King Pigeon IoT to enter configuration box

(2) Click Enable to enable(green) King Pigeon cloud connection via MQTT. Default is disabled(gray)

(3) Server IP/Domain Name: filling in default)

(4) Server Port: 1883 (Automatic filling in default)

(5) Client ID: Input device serial number issued by King Pigeon

(6) User Name: MQTT (Automatic filling in default)

(7) Password: MQTTPW(Automatic filling in default)

(8) Subscribe Topic: Input device serial number/+ issued by King Pigeon

(9) Publish Topic: Input device serial number issued by King Pigeon.

(10) Automatic Data Upload Cycle: Cycle time of uploading data. In default it’s 30s

(11) MQTT Data Retransmission: Click it to enable(green) offline data retransmission once network resumes.

(12) Datapoint Uploading Selection: Select the datapoint to upload in the right box. In default it’s blank with all datapoints to be uploaded

(13) Click OK to confirm King Pigeon Cloud via MQTT configuration

(14) Click Save Data. Gateway will restart and King Pigeon Cloud via MQTT is configured successfully. Open configuration software and login the device. King Pigeon Cloud connection status via MQTT can be viewed from basic information. Green indicates King Pigeon cloud via MQTT is connected. Slave device connection status can be viewed from the right box. 

View Data in King Pigeon Cloud via MQTT

Create datapoint in cloud first. Set datapoint mark is the same as MQTT flag in configuration software. Below is example of some datapoint configuration. For example, MQTT flag of datapoint VW0 in configuration software is VW0, then set read-write mark VW0 in King Pigeon cloud

Collected data value is as below:

Send command from cloud, below is example of controlling FX3U datapoint Y6

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