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Industrial LTE Router R40 received Huawei Certificate

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Author : Sam
Update time : 2021-04-10 18:21:07

Industrial LTE Router & Industrial IOT Gateway R40 Passed Huawei Test Certification


The 4G industrial router R40 passed the Huawei OceanCloud test certification and obtained the technical certificate issued by Huawei Technologies.

4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40 adopts dual SIMCard communication redundancy design, which can automatically switch between WAN and SIMCard. Support 1 WAN port with RJ45 interface, 3 LAN ports with RJ45 interface, LAN port supports POE output power supply function, saving field wiring.
4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40 provides 4 analog inputs, 2DO output, 2DI input, 1 RS485, 1 RS232, which can be widely used in data acquisition and remote control applications.
4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40 supports MQTT protocol, Modbus TCP protocol, AWS IoT protocol, Aliyun IoT protocol, Huawei IoT protocol, etc., and can be easily connected to various main cloud platforms.


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