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Industrial WiFi Routers Used in Construction Site

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Update time : 2021-04-26 17:38:29

Industrial WiFi Routers Used in Construction Site


Industrial WiFi Router R40 is a powerful Industrial Wireless Router, providing wireless network access, data collection function, it can be widely used in construction sites.

Industrial WiFi Router R40 can not only provide WiFi and Ethernet device access function, but also can realize the data collection of noise, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5 and other data of construction sites, and can also provide video monitoring functions. It supports MQTT, AWS, Aliyun, Huawei IoT, Provides 4 AIN, 2 DI, 2DO, 1 Rs482, 4 LAN Ports. Inbuilt 4G Module, very suitable for construction site applications for remote monitoring and provide wireless network access.

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