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BLIIoT Industrial Intelligent Gateway BL110 Application 9--Main interface

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2022-10-21 09:26:45

1.Power input Interface

2 channels of 9~36VDC power input with reverse connection protection

2.COM1 Port

COM1 is fixed RS232 interface

3.SIM Card Slot

Before placing SIM card, make sure device is powered off. Use the SIM card picking PIN to press the slot and take out the tray, place the SIM card and push back the tray with SIM card.
Note: make sure device is placed flatly like above picture when inserting or removing SIM card

4.Debugging & Firmware Upgrading USB Interface

DEBUG is program debugging port, DOWNLOAD is firmware upgrading interface

5.Earthing Interface

Before connecting Gateway device BL110, make sure it’s grounded with grounding screw to prevent electromagnetic interference.

6.4G & GPS Antenna Interface

7. LED Indicator

8.Reset Button
After gateway BL110 is running, long press RESET button with pin for 10 seconds until RUN indicator is off. Device will restart automatically and return to factory setting.

9.COM Port & CAN Port

10.WAN Port & LAN Port

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