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BLIIoT IoT MQTT Gateway BL110 Application 32-MQTT Client One

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2022-11-21 10:21:34

MQTT Client can be connected to cloud with certificate or without certificate.

MQTT Client data format only supports JSON data format of "KingPigeon", "thingsboard", and "sparkplug b". MQTT data format can be customized. More JSON data format and customized JSON data format will be supported in the future.

Connect to the ThingsBoard platform, select JSON data format of "thingsboard-telemetry-gateway". ThingsBoard platform domain name is

Connect to a platform that supports Sparkplug B, such as the ignition, select the JSON data format of "sparkplug b", click the button next to the data template item, configure the group ID and edge node ID in the configuration box.

MQTT Client supports multiple publishing topics, click "Add" in the publishing topic item to fill in the publishing topic, and you can view the publishing topic name in the drop-down box of the publishing topic item. Select the release topic name and click "Delete" to delete the release topic to be deleted.

MQTT Client also supports the selection of different data points for each publishing topic to publish. Put the mouse cursor in the right box, click the right button, a prompt box will pop up, click "Add", a data point box will pop up, click the data point to be published, Click "OK". Double-click a data point to view the properties. As shown in the figure below: The publishing topic "topic" only publishes the data point "DO1" of the "M140T" device of "COM1", and other data points are not published.

The "KingPigeon" JSON data format of MQTT Client and MQTT Client II is the same as that of KingPigeon MQTT.

"thingsboard-telemetry-gateway" JSON data format, publish and subscribe topic format refer to the thingsboard official website documentation.

"sparkplug b" JSON data format, publish and subscribe topic format refer to Sparkplug specification

Note: The data point box is blank by default, if no data point is selected, all data points are published. If there are multiple publishing topics, only one publishing topic can be blank, and other topics must select the published data points, and cannot be left blank.


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