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May 17-18, 2023 IIoT World Manufacturing Days

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Update time : 2023-05-09 10:20:02

IIoT World Manufacturing Days

IIoT World Manufacturing Days will bring together Industrial IoT (IIoT) subject matters experts from all over the world to share insights on IIoT & AI technologies applied in the Manufacturing Industry.

Tracks include but not limited to discuss:

    • The essential components of Digital Transformation in manufacturing
    • From Machine Data to Business Insights, Building the Foundations for Industrial Analytics
    • The importance of having a good data strategy
    • Benefits of Connecting the Plant Floor to the Cloud
    • Protecting Third-Party Technology Investments in Edge-to-Cloud and IIoT Applications
    • Cyber-Ready Industrial Manufacturing: What’s the Risk?
    • Industrial Cybersecurity – Securing the Connected Factory with PKI
    • The Role of Generative AI in Manufacturing: A Discussion of Current and Future Applications
    • How to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness using IIoT technologies
    • Making Cyberspace Safe and Secure by Design
    • Top best practices for Zero Trust OT Security
    • Securing the ICS Software Supply Chain

The content is targeted to C-level executives, Business Line Executives, Innovators and Startups as well as technology-oriented executives, engineers, IT/OT professionals.


Time:May 17 – 18, 2023

At this virtual event, we will be gathering a global audience to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of Edge Computing, Analytics, AI, ML, and AR in Manufacturing.

Event Format: 60-minute panel discussions focused exclusively on Smart Manufacturing. All tracks will be live (no pre-recorded sessions).

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