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BLIIoT Modbus IoT Gateway BL110 Application 29-How to Configure Modbus TCP Server

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2022-11-16 14:30:52
BL110 Gateway supports Modbus TCP protocol and provides data as Modbus TCP server. Modbus TCP server is enabled permanently. Only configure Ethernet port and monitoring port. The IP address of the Modbus TCP server can be selected according to the requirements of WAN or LAN. WAN /LAN IP address can be viewed by clicking WAN/LAN

Modbus TCP master computer is used as client to collect function codes supported by Gateway data. Boolean data supports 01, 05, numerical data supports 03, 06, 16-bit byte sequence is AB and 32-bit bytes sequence is ABCD. Follow master computer to fill in Modbus address or PLC Modbus address (The Modbus Address in configuration software). Refer to below datapoint picture. Master computer configuration pls contact me

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