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BLIIoT Industrial IoT Gateway BL110 Application 59--How to Configure AWS Cloud and View/Send Command in AWS Cloud

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2023-01-03 10:20:37

AWS Cloud Configuration

AWS supports publishing multiple topics. Configuration is the same as that of configuring multiple service ID of HUAWEI Cloud. Below example is configuring single topic with all datapoints to be published.

(1) Double-click "Amazon IoT" to enter configuration box. (2) Click the Enable button to enable Amazon Cloud. Default: off. Gray: disabled Green: enabled. (3) IP/domain: Fill in the terminal node, enter the console, and click "Interaction" of "Thing" to view. (4) Port: 8883. (5) Thing: Fill in the ARN, and click "Details" of "Thing" to view the ARN. (6) Client ID: fill in the account ID and view it in the user information. (7) CA file: Select the root certificate file to upload. (8) Client certificate file: Select the client certificate file to upload. (9) Client key file: Select the client key file to upload. (10) Publish topic: the topic created when creating the rule, the topic name used by MQTT to publish the message, click "Add" to fill in the publishing topic name. You can fill in multiple publishing topics, select a publishing topic, and click "Delete" to delete the selected topic. For example: the topic viewed in the"rule" of "action" is "iot/topic", so fill in"iot/topic".

(11) Upload cycle: The interval for regular data release, the default is 30S. (12) Select data point upload: select the data point to be uploaded in the box on the right side of the configuration box, the default is blank means all upload. (13) Click "OK" to confirm the configuration of Amazon Cloud. (14) Click "Write Configuration", and Amazon Cloud will be enabled after the gateway device restarts. Re-open the configuration software to log in to the device, and on the basic information page, you can see that the “Amazon Cloud Online Status” indicator light is green, indicating that the Amazon cloud is connected. The rightmost shows the online status of the slave device.

View and Send Command in AWS Cloud

Login to AWS, click Act, click Test and select subscription topic “iot/topic” to view messages published by BL110 gateway

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