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SMS Remote Monitoring RTU S275 for smart computer room power environment monitoring

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2023-09-01 10:03:27


Computer rooms exist in all aspects of life, such as in hospitals, schools, enterprises, government agencies, and office buildings.  
The general computer room contains key devices such as computer, server, storage equipment, UPS, precision air conditioners, and cabinet groups. When an accident occurs in a traditional computer room, it cannot be discovered and dealt with in time, resulting in a wide range of influence and serious losses.

Safety hazards in the computer room

The danger mainly comes from four hidden dangers:

Electrical safety hazards

Abnormal power supply current, unstable mains power environment, UPS power failure, high cable temperature, etc.

Potential safety hazards

Lax access to the computer room, information leakage, human and material resources spent on computer room monitoring, lines being removed, reconnected or destroyed, etc.

Abnormal environmental hazards

The ambient temperature exceeds the bearing temperature of the equipment, causing open fire accidents, environmental liquid leakage %2F water leakage, circuit short circuit, and abnormal air humidity causing safety hazards, etc.

Hidden dangers of alarm delay

lack of early warning in the room, it is difficult to control abnormalities in real time, the inspection frequency of ordinary computer rooms is low, problems are difficult to find, and human supervision is difficult to detect abnormalities in time, etc.

Program overview

Data acquisition gateway S275 provides 4 channels of digital input, 2 channels of relay output and 1 channel of temperature and humidity input, and provides one RS485 serial port at the same time, which can be expanded to 320 digital inputs, digital outputs, analog data acquisition and instrument data reading Write. The S275 is connected to the DAM expansion module through RS485 to collect data such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, infrared, smog, current, voltage, power failure, UPS, etc. in the computer room, and conduct real-time monitoring and centralized control of the power equipment in the computer room to fully ensure the safety and stability of the power system in the computer room. Once the monitoring data exceeds the safe range, the system will immediately notify the user through SMS, dial a phone, GPRS, 3G, 4G network and transmit data to the monitoring center, mobile APP, WEB monitoring center and can control air conditioners and fans according to user needs. The computer room creates a safe and worry-free operation and maintenance environment.

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