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BLIIoT 4G SMS Remote Monitoring RTU 271 for Warehouse Monitoring

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Author : Jerry Chen
Update time : 2023-10-20 16:54:53


In modern supply chain and warehouse management, monitoring warehouse temperature, humidity, security, and inventory is critical. In order to meet these needs, BLIIoT 4G SMS Remote Monitoring RTU 271 (Remote Terminal Unit) is a multifunctional wireless industrial IoT data monitoring collection control SMS alarm terminal. It provides the perfect solution to make full use of its multiple functions and features to ensure warehouse operations. efficiency and safety.

1. Warehouse Monitoring

In a warehouse environment, temperature and humidity are key metrics. The Remote Monitoring RTU 271 is able to monitor temperature and relative humidity in real time, ensuring that stored products are in optimal conditions. In addition, security and intrusion detection, lighting and power control, fire protection system integration, and inventory management are also important needs for warehouse monitoring.

2. Key Features of BLIIoT 4G SMS Remote Monitoring RTU 271

Remote Monitoring RTU 271 provides a variety of key features, including digital input, analog input, relay output, temperature and humidity sensor input, SMS alarm function and MQTT protocol support. These features allow it to be flexibly adapted to various monitoring needs.

3. Warehouse Monitoring System Architecture

In order to build a warehouse monitoring system, it is necessary to consider the installation location and wiring of the Remote Monitoring RTU 271, select and deploy sensors, set up data collection and processing processes, and establish alarm and notification systems.

4. Data collection

With the Remote Monitoring RTU 271, you can monitor temperature and humidity, security and energy usage data in real time. This helps warehouse managers take timely actions to maintain the good condition of the warehouse.

5. Alarm and Controller System

Remote Monitoring RTU 271 allows setting alarm thresholds to ensure timely notification of relevant personnel when temperature, humidity or safety issues arise. It also supports remote control, allowing you to intervene remotely and take necessary actions.


Through the real-time temperature monitoring function of the BRemote Monitoring RTU 271 the temperature, power outage, smoke and other conditions of the warehouse can be accurately grasped. Once problems such as temperature abnormality or equipment failure occur, the system will immediately issue an alarm message. This information can be pushed to relevant personnel through mobile APP or other smart devices so that they can take timely response measures.

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