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River level acquisition gateway S475 supports high and low limit alarms

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-06-12 11:42:40
River level acquisition gateway S475 supports high and low limit alarms

The river channel liquid level acquisition gateway S475 is a device specially used to monitor the river channel liquid level, and it has a high and low limit alarm function. The gateway collects liquid level data through sensors installed in the river, and sets high and low limit parameters through built-in algorithms and configurations. Once the liquid level exceeds or falls below the set limit value, the gateway will trigger the alarm mechanism and send out an alarm to notify the user or relevant personnel.

With the continuous development of intelligence and automation technology, the need for remote data collection and real-time monitoring of devices is increasing. In this context, the remote acquisition gateway emerges as a significant industrial Internet device.

The remote acquisition gateway offers various functions, including digital input, analog input, digital output, analog output, sensor interface, communication interface, and more. The digital input is compatible with both dry contacts and wet nodes, supporting 0-3V normally open. The first digital input can serve as a high-speed pulse counter with a sampling frequency of up to 1MHz, while the second to fourth digital inputs can be used as low-speed pulse counters with a sampling frequency of up to 1KHz. These functions effectively cater to the demand for digital signal input in industrial production processes.

Furthermore, the remote acquisition gateway incorporates a digital temperature and humidity sensor input function. It can measure temperature within the range of -40-100%RH with an accuracy of 3%. These digital inputs enable the monitoring of environmental changes in real-time, providing valuable data support for the production process.
Moreover, the remote acquisition gateway features a 4-way relay output function that allows for automatic control through timers, event correlations, or remote control via SMS or network. The first relay output can be controlled by authorized phone numbers within specified time periods. These digital outputs facilitate equipment control in the production process, enabling remote management.

Additionally, the remote acquisition gateway provides 6 analog input channels with 12-bit resolution. It supports sensors with 0-5V, 0-20mA, and 4-20mA outputs. These inputs convert analog signals into digital signals and upload them to cloud platforms for data analysis, optimizing the production process.

In summary, the remote acquisition gateway is a device that enables remote digital signal acquisition and control. It offers multiple functions, including digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, sensor interface, communication interface, and more. These functions meet the data acquisition and control requirements in industrial production processes, providing robust support for enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, and improving quality. The application of remote collection gateways also opens up new ideas and pathways for intelligent manufacturing, making them an integral part of the Industrial Internet construction.
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