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Wastewater Treatment Monitoring Modbus RTU to 4G wireless Acquisition Control RTU S275

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2023-10-08 16:43:15


The entire system of traditional sewage treatment equipment is operated by an automatic control system. Various parameters such as water output, water quality, pool water level, and PH value cannot be obtained, and fauls can only be discovered through personnel inspections.

The oxygen content of the biological contact oxidation tank, the operating status of the blower, the liquid level and turbidity of the sedimentation tank, the operating status of the return pump, and the operating status of the aerator cannot be remotely monitored or controlled.

2. Program overview

The BLIIOT technology sewage treatment monitoring system is a cloud-based integrated monitoring cloud service platform for the Internet of Things. The platform can be adapted to various sensor equipment, monitor and manage the status and operation of the access equipment in real time, and remotely operate the equipment. Through the cloud platform docking terminal equipment to achieve accurate perception, precise operation, and fine management, providing a one-stop cloud IoT platform that is stable, reliable, and low-cost maintenance.

Real-time monitoring

When the device is connected to the cloud platform, the latest data can be viewed in real time, and real-time monitoring is more assured.

Remote control

Remotely issue commands through the cloud platform to deal with emergencies urgently.

Abnormal alarm

When an abnormal situation occurs, users can be notified through various channels to ensure that the alarm information is delivered in real time.

Data Analysis

Combined with the big data of the Internet of Things, trend analysis and risk early warning assessment are carried out for equipment data.

Large screen data display

The Internet of Things system can be monitored online and remotely controlled on the computer PC, mobile APP, and large screen.

3. Solution advantage

1.Support real-time video monitoring;

2.Multiple notifications ensure that the alarm information is delivered on time;

3.Triggers can be set for pre-management;

4.Emergency disposal, rapid response to remote disposal in case of emergency;

5.Multi-point monitoring, the same account can monitor multiple devices at the same time;

6.No distance limit, using the mature golden pigeon cloud platform + 4G transmission global monitoring;
7.Historical record preservation, the platform saves historical data for up to half a year, and supports the download and export of historical records;
8.Comprehensive monitoring of water level, water flow, water temperature, residual chlorine, oxygen content and other equipment operating parameters.

9.It is suitable for sewage treatment equipment manufacturing units, sewage treatment equipment maintenance units, sewage treatment units, etc.

4. Conclusion

The impact of industrial Internet of Things technology on rural sewage reconstruction projects is of great significance.In the Internet of Things + remote monitoring operation and management model, it is applied to the remote management of distributed domestic sewage treatment equipment in rural areas, providing users with standardized information management models for key businesses such as water quality monitoring, safety management, and data analysis and planning. Integrate and analyze all process information such as operation, improve user management efficiency and production efficiency, and provide support for energy saving and emission reduction, process improvement, and smooth and intelligent management. Multiple sewage treatment plants transmit the operating data of sewage treatment plant equipment to the monitoring center in real time through 4G communications, realizing centralized "one-stop" monitoring and distributed management of the Internet of Things.

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