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What are the functions of 4G/5G edge computing routers in the intelligent trash can monitoring system?

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-04-20 10:39:45
The monitoring requirements for automatic garbage can cleaning in smart cities include real-time monitoring and management of information such as the filling degree, location, and cleaning time of garbage cans. These monitoring requirements help to optimize the efficiency of garbage bin cleaning and resource utilization, reduce the cost and time of manual inspections, and improve the intelligent level of urban garbage management.

4G/5G edge computing routers have the following advantages in meeting the needs of trash can monitoring:

Real-time: 4G/5G edge computing routers can provide low-latency, high-bandwidth network connections, and can realize real-time monitoring and data transmission of trash cans, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of monitoring data.

Efficiency: Edge computing routers can push data processing and analysis to edge nodes closer to the data source, reduce the pressure of data transmission to the cloud, and reduce the cost and delay of data transmission. This is especially important for a large number of garbage bin monitoring data scattered throughout the city, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the monitoring system.

Reliability: 4G/5G edge computing routers have high network connection stability and reliability, which can ensure the stable operation of the garbage can monitoring system and avoid the loss or delay of monitoring data due to network interruption or signal instability.

Flexibility: Edge computing routers can support a variety of wireless communication technologies, including 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc., and can flexibly configure network connection methods according to the needs of different regions and scenarios, adapting to complex urban environments and monitoring scenarios.

Security: 4G/5G edge computing routers are usually equipped with security authentication and encryption mechanisms, which can protect the safe transmission and storage of dustbin monitoring data and prevent data leakage and security threats.
The 4G/5G edge computing router plays an important role in the intelligent trash can monitoring system, and has the following functions and functions:

Data transmission and processing: 4G/5G edge computing routers can transmit data collected by trash can sensors through high-speed wireless networks, including trash can capacity, filling status, temperature and other information, to achieve real-time data transmission and processing.

Edge computing: Edge computing is a computing model that moves data processing and computing tasks closer to the data source, which can avoid the transmission of large amounts of data to the cloud for processing, thereby reducing network transmission delays and bandwidth consumption. The 4G/5G edge computing router can locally process and analyze the trash can sensor data to realize real-time monitoring and anomaly detection and other functions.

Task scheduling and coordination: 4G/5G edge computing routers can schedule and coordinate tasks according to the real-time status of trash cans and the needs of cleaning tasks. For example, when the capacity of the trash can reaches a certain threshold, the edge computing router can generate cleaning tasks and assign them to cleaning personnel to realize the scheduling and coordination of automatic trash can cleaning.

Route optimization: Edge computing routers can plan and optimize routes based on trash bin location information and cleaning task requirements, so as to minimize the distance and time cost of cleaning personnel and improve cleaning efficiency.

Real-time monitoring and alarming: 4G/5G edge computing routers can monitor the status of trash cans in real time, and perform real-time anomaly detection and alarming according to preset rules and algorithms, such as overflowing trash cans, abnormal temperature, etc., so as to take timely measures to deal with them, ensuring The stable operation of the trash can monitoring system.

In general, 4G/5G edge computing routers play multiple roles in the intelligent trash can monitoring system, such as data transmission, edge computing, task scheduling and coordination, route optimization, real-time monitoring and alarming, etc., and can realize efficient automatic trash can cleaning Monitoring and management.
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