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Cost-effective Serial Device Server

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Update time : 2021-03-19 16:04:00
King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd. ( for short, KP IoT ) has rich experience on industrial IoT for 16 years, specializes in IoT devices such as Serial Device Server, LoRa gateway, RTU, DTU, 4G industrial router, PLC data acquisition gateway, IoT modules etc.

The Frist,What is Serial Device Server
The Serial Device Server is a converter for industrial equipment, which can convert serial port data into Ethernet data. 
 KP IoT make Serial Device Server Item No. D224 It can easily connect PLCs, industrial instruments and sensors to the Ethernet, as well as other serial devices based on RS-232, RS-485 and TTL protocols.  
D224 can also allow your software to access serial devices via LAN or the Internet anywhere.
 Cost-effective Serial Device Server
Serial Device Server D224 has multiple features:
Support standard TCP/IP protocol
Support data transparent transmission mode
Support Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP mode
Support the transparent data transmission between RS-232, RS-485 and TTL, allow you to choose data path at wish
Support TCP Server, TCP Client and UDP mode
Support function :  D224 can be as a client when it act as a server at the same time 
Supports remote control of serial devices by the “virtual serial port” software.
Second ,Function of Serial Device Server
1.Upgrade the traditional equipment.
Many traditional industrial instruments, PLCs and sensors existing in the world , people want to make them connected to the internet. Therefore, these traditional instruments need to be upgraded for IoT connective purpose.
2.Remote control the PLC
when PLCs connect to internet by D224 ,  people can remotely program the PLC for the purpose of remote control, by using virtual serial port software (such as VSPD) on computer. 
3.Extend serial communication distance
Serial Device Server D224 can extend the communication distance between PLCs and some other serial devices   
 Third,D224 product features
※ Wide working voltage design, support 9-36V DC power supply, the interface is two ways of DC Q2.1 jack and terminal, with anti-reverse connection protection design;
※Built-in industrial-grade ARM®Cortex™ core, high performance, low power consumption, stable and reliable;
※Support 1 RS-232, 1 RS-485 and 1 TTL;
※The serial port baud rate supports 4800bps-128000 bps; supports None, Odd, Even check methods;
※Support 1 RJ45 Ethernet port, with link and data indicator, the network port has a built-in isolation transformer, up to 2KV electromagnetic isolation;
※Support the RESET button to restore the factory function (long press for 3 seconds to restore) to prevent parameter setting errors;
※Using metal shell material, protection grade IP30, metal shell and system are safely isolated, especially suitable for industrial control field applications;
※The equipment is small in size, 96mm*68mm*25mm, and supports wall-mounted installation and DIN 35mm industrial rail installation.
※Using configuration software to set device parameters, support WIN XP, WIN 7, WIN 8 and WIN 10, with a friendly interface;
※Support static IP address or DHCP to automatically obtain IP address, and can query the devices in the network through UDP broadcast protocol;
※Support custom device name to facilitate user identification;
※Support server domain name resolution;
※Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack, support transparent transmission and Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP two ways;
※Support multiple working modes of TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client;
※Support D224 as a client when it is used as a server. As a server, it supports up to 5 connections
※ TCP/UDP client; as a client, it supports connecting up to 5 TCP/UDP target servers;
※Support custom registration package and heartbeat package function, which can facilitate the cloud platform to perform ID identification and data communication on the device;
※Support TCP protocol to automatically reconnect to the server after the server is disconnected;
※Support the serial port strategy function, the data path can be freely selected, such as: RS232 and RS485 mutual transparent transmission (RS232 ⇄RS485), RS232 and server 1 mutual transparent transmission (RS232 ⇄server 1), etc.;
※Support to upgrade the firmware through TTL, the firmware update is more convenient;
 Fourth,Typical application of D224 serial server
※in the field of access control and security, for Equipment networking
※Various configuration software and equipment communication interface;
※Transmitters such as water level, water pressure, flow rate, flow rate, etc. are connected to the network;
※Data transmission in agriculture, water affairs, coal mine and other occasions;
※Remote monitoring and program downloading of various PLCs;
※Data collection and monitoring of various electric meters and meters;
※The collection of wind speed, wind force, rainfall, temperature and other parameters of the weather station;
※Remote data collection and monitoring of solar power stations and smart charging piles;
※Smart power grid data transmission
※Intelligent agricultural data collection and monitoring;
※Intelligent breeding data collection and monitoring;
※Smart traffic data collection and monitoring;
※ Intelligent industrial automation data transmission;
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