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We are serious about building an IoT cloud platform

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Update time : 2021-03-19 16:56:51
With the development of the Internet of Things, more and more companies are investing in the Internet of Things industry, and the Internet of Things a IoT cloud platform is also born. The cloud platform can realize the life cycle management of equipment, and can control, maintain, collect data and store data in real time. , Historical data analysis curve, timed tasks, alarms and other functions, let's talk about the problems we encountered when we built the IoT platform.

The First,The problems encountered by King Pigeon Technology in building a IoT cloud platform
1. Recruitment of engineers is difficult
To build an IoT cloud platform requires product managers and project development engineers who have a deep understanding of the IoT industry to conduct requirements assessment and audit implementation. Building a cloud platform is the same as laying the foundation of a house. At the beginning, the structure is not planned, but the later stage is very difficult. It’s difficult to expand, but everyone must be clear about the recruitment process. It’s not difficult to recruit a person, but it’s difficult to recruit a suitable person, and it will cost time in the process.
IoT cloud platform
2. Long cycle
As the development progresses, many difficult problems will be encountered in the middle, and it will take a lot of time to deal with these problems, and other bugs are also constantly popping up during the test. We all know that there will be bugs as long as it is a program. After the old bugs are solved, new bugs pop up again. It takes a lot of time to test and fix the bugs. All the bugs that affect normal use need to be solved before the platform can go online for stable use.

3. Movement of personnel
The flow of personnel in China is not low. From the beginning, engineers who participated in cloud platform R&D may leave due to some uncontrollable factors. Newly recruited engineers need to spend time familiarizing themselves with the entire project before they can invest in R&D. During this period, the project schedule is blocked and time costs increase.

4. Salary costs
Friends who do IT or those who know IT know that the IT industry is one of the best in all industries. The monthly salary of an excellent product manager and project manager will not be less than 30,000, and the monthly salary of an excellent development engineer will not be. Below 20,000, the monthly salary for the R&D team needs to be nearly 180,000, which does not include performance.

5. Operation and maintenance costs
After the system runs stably, it is necessary to maintain the operation and maintenance personnel who are familiar with the system server. The server is like our computer. Over time, it will accumulate various log garbage and occupy server resources. As the amount of connected equipment increases, the server pressure will follow. Increased, the operation and maintenance personnel need to monitor the server status at all times, otherwise they do not know when the server is down, leading to major events such as loss of customer data.
IoT cloud platform
6. Server cost
The business volume increases, and the server pressure increases. At this time, we need to consider whether to add servers or provide server configuration. As far as Alibaba Cloud is concerned, the price of a 4C8G server is about 6000 for one year. Bandwidth and disk When the total cost of a server is close to 10,000 a year, a good cloud platform architecture may use more than a dozen servers. This is still the case where the amount of equipment is not large. The cost of developing the cloud platform is more than 2.5 million. Therefore, the development of the cloud platform requires sufficient funds and professionals. Time is indispensable.

Second, the functions and advantages of the King Pigeon IoT cloud platform
After two years of precipitation, the King Pigeon cloud platform is now very stable. The cloud platform provides device access services, providing data collection, data storage, device maps, historical data analysis curves, timing tasks, and alarm functions (SMS, WeChat, Mail, APP), authority management (pyramid structure, perfect organization, role, user system), three-terminal interoperability (WEB webpage, APP, WeChat official account).

In addition to all the functions of "device docking", it also includes neutral functions, including login page customization, monitoring page LOGO customization, login domain name (provided by the user), WeChat official account terminal (provided by the user, a WeChat service account is required), and data Monitor large screens, and realize own cloud platform at low cost.

Externally, we also provide API interfaces for users to develop their own applications. In addition, if the user wants to save the data locally, we provide private deployment services to deploy the King Pigeon Cloud Platform to the server designated by the user, and retain all the original web page functions of the KingPigeon Cloud Platform。

Third,  About King Pigeon Technology
    Shenzhen King Pigeon Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, focusing on 4G IoT gateways, 4G industrial routers, 4G industrial VPN routers, 4G RTU telemetry terminals, PLC remote gateways, Ethernet acquisition modules, IoT cloud platforms and other industrial IoT software 16 years of hardware R&D and production, providing one-stop industrial IoT complete solutions. And provide professional OEM/ODM personalized customization services.
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