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BLIIoT IoT Gateway BL110 Application 18--Add COM Port Device Datapoint

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2022-11-02 09:03:36

Click device name and then right click the box on the right, click Add to enter data point configuration box. The outside of the mapping address on the configuration software represents the Modbus address, and M.XXX in the brackets represents the PLC Modbus address. Right click "Add" to add the next data point. You can also right click to delete the data, or double click the data point to edit the data.

Add data points by importing and exporting Excel file. First, create some data points to export, the configuration content of the Excel file is the same as the information configuration principle of the data point configuration box. The variable name, variable label, mapping address, and collection address can not conflict.


Select datapoint and right click it to delete datapoint. Double click datapoint to edit it.

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