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EtherCAT Distributed IO Module help Lithium Battery Production

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Author : Jerry Chen
Update time : 2023-08-23 17:22:45


With the development of science and technology at any time, human beings pay more and more attention to the living environment, and the trend of decarbonization of environmentally friendly energy has accelerated. In this process, lithium batteries, as a mature environmentally friendly energy storage technology, are receiving widespread attention , and gradually become the main substitute for petrochemical energy. However, for the production of lithium batteries, it involves a very long and complicated production chain. From the perspective of the entire production chain, lithium battery production is a typical process production, that is, the process Basically, it is carried out continuously, and the production sequence is almost unchanged.

Lithium Battery Production Process

The production process of lithium batteries is divided into three stages: front, middle and back:

1. The purpose of the previous process is to process raw materials into pole pieces, and the core process is coating;

2. The purpose of the middle section is to process the pole piece into an unactivated cell, and complete the winding and liquid injection of the cell

3. The latter process is testing and packaging, and the core process is formation and volume separation.

The standard requirements of each link in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries will directly affect the cost, quality, safety and consistency of batteries. The production process of hammer batteries is divided into three stages: front, middle and back. The purpose of the front stage process is to process raw materials into pole pieces, the core process is coating, the purpose of the middle stage is to process pole pieces into inactive cells, the back stage process is to detect and package, and the core process is formation and capacity separation. The entire lithium battery production process is complex and the system is huge. There are many IO points, which require convenient debugging, high degree of standardization, many repeated modules, and then many and scattered data collection locations, so it is most suitable to use BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202.

BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202

The distributed I/O module provided for lithium battery equipment manufacturers and system integrators greatly improves the quality of the equipment by virtue of its advantages in operation and function, provides a strong boost for its rapid acquisition and feedback adjustment, and shortens the delivery time. Reduced overall costs. BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202 is a new IO expansion solution based on the EtherCAT protocol control system. Because of its high technical indicators, stable and reliable operation, it fully meets the needs of customers, and thus has won the favor of customers. It has been successfully applied to lithium battery production coating, rolling, slitting, coiling Around and other processes.


Coating Machine

The main purpose of coating is to evenly coat the slurry on the surface of the positive and negative electrodes. This case realizes digitization, unwinding, coating, drying and winding are all completed automatically

Solution Topology

Solution advantage

  • Tension control: Different sensors will be used for tension control, such as ultrasonic probes, floating rollers, etc. BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202 can realize stable wiring and plug-and-play between these sensors and PLC, and there is no need to change the wiring at any time to replace the module.
  • Stable transmission: accurate coating speed makes the slurry utilization rate high and can maintain the production of high-quality pole pieces. Its high-speed system bus provides fast response times in milliseconds.
  • Resistant to harsh industrial conditions: In the face of on-site temperature changes, the wide temperature design of BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202 can always maintain stable work, and the functions can be used smoothly.

BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202 Helps Lithium Battery Production

The BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202 brings flexibility and convenience in design details, which is also an important idea for us to develop and optimize products. In terms of structure, with the plug-in design, equipment manufacturers can freely combine IO modules according to their needs, which saves up to 50% of the time compared with traditional wiring methods. And the clutch is small in size and does not take up space. In the installation, the guide rail installation is adopted, which is simple and convenient.

More information about the BLIIoT EtherCAT Distributed Edge I/O Module BL202:

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