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Smart Water Conservancy 4G RTU Gateway S275 solution Application

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2023-08-18 18:31:09


With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, all kinds of sewage treatment is imminent. 
In the face of large-scale sewage treatment,water companies need to arrange a lot of manpower to perform monitoring, management and other operation and maintenance tasks to maintain the operation of sewage treatment plants. Water enterprises need to deal with sewage from industry, public places, living, industrial parks, agriculture, etc. The whole treatment process involves sewage pools, water pumps, etc., especially water pumps. Improving the vibration monitoring and analysis of water pump units is a means to ensure the safety and stable operation of water pumps,is also the main decision-making basis for ensuring sewage treatment.

Program Structure

BLIIOT technology sewage treatment IoT solution, developed based on the Internet of Things system, is a cloud computing-based integrated monitoring cloud service platform for the Internet of Things. The platform can be adapted to various sensor devices, real-time monitoring and management of access devices status and operation status, and remotely operate the equipment to realize automatic water level control of sewage wells, sewage pumps, sewage pools, fire pumps and other sewage treatment occasions, and realize remote monitoring of water pumps through the management cloud platform to achieve unattended, Fully automated management.

1. Real-time monitoring

Data monitoring includes liquid level detection in sewage pools and other occasions, and data monitoring such as the start-stop status and working frequency of water pumps. When the equipment is connected to the cloud platform, the latest data can be viewed in real time, making real-time monitoring more reassuring.

2. Remote control

It is divided into the control of the liquid level of the sewage pool and the switch operation of the water pump. The cloud platform can set four levels of liquid level values, such as low water level, high water level, warning water level, and super high alarm, and set the switch of the water pump accordingly. The level sewage pump starts to drain water, and the low level sewage pump stops working. Support multiple water pumps for setting, automatic polling, intelligent switching of water pumps, to avoid a certain water pump running for too long and excessive wear.
Remotely issue instructions through the cloud platform to deal with emergencies urgently.

3. Abnormal alarm

An alarm mechanism is provided, and the user can be notified in various ways when there are abnormalities in events such as liquid level high and low, water pump switch, etc., to ensure that the alarm information is delivered in real time.

4. Data Analysis

Combined with the big data of the Internet of Things, it conducts trend analysis and risk early warning assessment for equipment data.

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