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Innovative method to quickly address the problem of network communication failures

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Update time : 2021-10-13 14:34:23


Many of network equipment are installed in a distributed manner, for example ATM machines, network cameras, router, server computers and so on.  They often locate in many places or even in remote area.  

Supposed a network camera in remote area get disconnected, the maintenance personnel has to go outside to fix problem on site. However, in most of case, the problem can be solved simply by restart the network connection.

Following introduces a device that can remotely troubleshoot network communication faults. This device is developed by King Pigeon Technology Co., Ltd., and the model is RTU5028E.

RTU5028E  can monitor 7 network devices  at the same time,  automatically determine the reason of the failure, distinguish whether the communication failure is caused by the network disconnection or the power supply to device get failure.

When network disconnection, RTU5028E can automatically restart the power supply to network device.  usually the disconnection problem can be solved simply by this way. Therefore, RTU5028E can help to simple the maintenance, greatly improves the availability of network device .

When the power supply to network device get failure, RTU5028E will give alarm by 4G cellular wireless network. The alarm page is as follows:

In conclusion,  RTU5028E  is IoT device for the network fault real-time monitoring and alarm . It is suitable for monitoring the condition of important equipment such as computer rooms, base stations, laboratories, ATM machines, network cameras, servers and so on.

How does it work ?
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