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Innovation way to send PLC data to OPC UA server

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Update time : 2021-10-19 16:57:09

How to send PLC data to OPC UA server ?
Usually people need to install OPC UA software on industrial computer.  add network card to PLC ....

Following these products are needed in the traditional solution:

PLC -- Network Card -- Industrial Computer  --  OPC UA Software --  OPC UA Server

Now, there is much more simple way.   OPC UA gateway help to simple it. 
People can directly connect to the PLC by RS485 or Ethernet port of OPC UA gateway BL110.
The BL110 will automatically communicate with the PLC, and then convert the data into MQTT protocol and OPC UA protocol data after processing.
new solution topology:   PLC --  OPC UA Gateway BL110 --OPC UA Server

Comparing above two solutions, the new solution can eliminate the network card, industrial computer, and OPC UA software license.
This greatly reduces hardware costs and construction difficulties.   Why not use the  OPC UA gateway but the tranditional solution ?
 OPC UA gateway BL110  is embedded hardware device,  It can support the POE.


For more details,  please visit  product  page

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