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King Pigeon Attend World Sensors Summit from Nov 9 to 11

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Update time : 2021-02-05 18:44:00

King Pigeon will Attend World Sensors Summit from Nov 9 to 11. At that time, we will show: 4G multi-function remote telemetry 
terminal RTU, 4G IoT IOT gateway, power parameter telemetry terminal RTU, 4G LoRa wireless data acquisition terminal, Modbus 
TCP Ethernet IO acquisition module, instrumentation sensor access cloud platform module, Complete industrial IoT solutions such 
as cloud platforms, and the latest LoRa new products are on display, waiting for you.

Exhibition Date: Noverber 9- 11, 2019
Exhibition Address: National Exhibition Center (Zhenzhou)
Exhibition No.: Hall 5058 (King Pigeon )

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