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KingPigeon Attended the CHTF 2019 Exhibition Successfully

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Update time : 2021-02-05 14:19:00
KingPigeon attended the CHTF 2019 Exhibition successfully,nearly 10 thousands of people visited our booth over the 5 days, many people are interested in our IoT products such as: 4G industrial Router,LoRa gateway,Industrial IoT Gateway, Based real time distribution transformer monitoring system (DTMS), Online real time distribution transformer monitoring system (DTMS), Power system network monitoring, Fire monitoring system, Cellular IIOT RTU module, Wireless M2M RTU, Wireless SMS remote control alarm Unit, NB-IOT gatewat etc..

It is inspiring that we won the "Excellent Product" certificate,LoRa gateway which special for data acquisition via Lora technology,suports wireless sensors and wireless RS485 serial data converter. it is widely used in agricultural greenhouse temperature and humidity collection and monitoring.


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