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May 17th, 2023 World Business Intelligence Industry Expo ended perfectly!

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-05-17 18:42:46
May 17th, 2023 World Business Intelligence Industry Expo ended perfectly!
On May 15, the 2023 World Business Intelligence Industry Expo organized by the Asia-Pacific Self-service Vending Industry Expo officially kicked off. On the first day, it attracted 20,000+ buyers and suppliers to visit and purchase.

According to reports, the World Business Intelligence Industry Expo has worked closely with more than 16 self-service vending associations, local operators, brand owners, beverage distributors, and local property owners around the world. Today, it has developed into a highly influential supply-demand docking ecosystem in the industry. The B2B platform is also a bridge and link for all-round and multi-dimensional exchanges and cooperation in the annual self-service vending and commercial facilities.

This year's expo brings together the strengths of many parties to accurately grasp the pulse of the development of the times, and join hands with the 2023 Asian Dairy Expo and Guangzhou Fresh Milk Festival, the 2023 Asian Commercial Payment System and Facilities Expo, and the 2023 Asian Commercial Retail Space Expo to release new opportunities on a stage of new specifications At the exhibition, the latest products and advanced technological achievements in the fields of self-service vending, smart retail, commercial payment, and supermarket equipment were comprehensively exhibited.

Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition and is located at booth P59 in Hall 10.2.

BLIIOT specializes in LTE Industrial Router, Industrial IoT Gateways, IIOT Gateways, 4G Industrial Router, Cellular RTU, 4G RTU, PLC Gateways, Ethernet IO Module OEM ODM Since 2005.
BLIIoT products are widely used in: self-service vending, smart retail, commercial payment, supermarket equipment and other products.
BLIIoT's products find extensive applications in various industries, including:
Self-service vending: BLIIoT's solutions are utilized in self-service vending machines, enabling seamless connectivity, remote monitoring, and management of vending operations.
Smart retail: BLIIoT provides connectivity solutions for smart retail systems, allowing retailers to integrate IoT technologies for inventory management, customer analytics, and personalized shopping experiences.
Commercial payment: BLIIoT's products facilitate secure and efficient commercial payment systems, supporting electronic transactions, mobile payments, and integration with backend financial platforms.
Supermarket equipment: BLIIoT's offerings are employed in supermarket equipment, such as electronic shelf labels, smart shopping carts, and automated checkout systems, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.
Other applications: BLIIoT's solutions may be deployed in various industrial settings, including factory automation, energy management, remote monitoring, and control systems, and other IoT-based applications.

By providing reliable and robust connectivity solutions, BLIIoT enables businesses to leverage IoT technologies for improved operational efficiency, data-driven insights, and enhanced customer experiences across diverse industries.

On May 17, the 2023 World Business Intelligence Industry Expo, a grand event that integrates innovation and condenses business intelligence business opportunities, was successfully concluded at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. Wisdom connects everything, leading the commercial future that is within reach. This expo focused on displaying new products in the field of business intelligence and self-service vending industry, covering self-service vending, smart retail, commercial payment, supermarket equipment, retail space display and other fields .

These shining exhibits on the stage of the exhibition are not only the achievements of innovation and development in the field of business intelligence, but also highlight the brilliant achievements of the World Business Intelligence Industry Expo.
The exhibition lasted for three days, with rave reviews and welcoming customers. Countless exquisite products and considerate services made every buyer feel the convenience brought by the rapid development of the industry in the field of business intelligence. It is reported that the expo welcomed 50,000 professional buyers, of which nearly 1,000 international buyers came from more than 80 countries and regions.
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